fea montse

Welcome to my Website!
I created this site in order to show friends, family and other students my experience as a international student in the United states. Do you want to be part of my adventure during this amazing last year? Let's take a look of the site and I will tell you a little bit about me and how I got this scholarship.

First I want to introduce you Highline Community College as the place where I found the most diverse group of friends ever.
Highline Community College unites students from the entire world. Students from Japan China, Indonesia, Turkey, Iraq, France, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, India, South Africa, Kenya and many other African and Asian countries come to HCC because of their diverse culture background and they are the perfect college to host a lot of international exchange programs.

 The CCID program is a great opportunity to grow up as a professional and as a person, the exchange of cultures make of HCC a unique place.
In this web site I appreciate the value of studies and the adventure of know and share the value of others cultures in the word. My country has a lot of good things to share and I’m glad to collaborate a little bit with it. Is my propose to show the effort that the United States government makes to host and accomplish the success of this program.