Zama Mofokeng

I couldnt wait for success so I went ahead without it........

Welcome to my Webpage

Welcome to my webpage which I specially created for you to explore my journey during my stay in the United States of America. These are the most memorable days of my life, I got to experience  a whole new environment filled with lots of different people and different ethnicities’. I have been surrounded by people from all over the world including my roommates who are from the following countries; Indonesia, Kenya, Turkey and Egypt. It had been challenging since we have different background but I think since one of the aims of the program is to promote friendship amongst the countries and world peace.

This is also a very good way for us to network because we are all in the tourism industry which makes it advantageous for us if maybe we get clients who want to travel to a particular destination we can make business that way. We are living in a world where stereotyping is common believe me I have learnt a lot of things not only about the American culture but about a variety of other cultures which I never knew before so thanks to the CCI Program we have the opportunity to change our thinking and broaden our knowledge on different aspects of learning. Zama

As a Hospitality student at Highline Community College I gained so much in an outside the classroom again taking classes with students from new world countries which I haven’t heard about was an amazing experience it made me want to know more and more I actually realized that people learn every day. I participated in Outreach programs whereby went out to schools to encourage school children to stay and school and reminded them the importance of education, public speaking boosted my confidence. Talking to people about my country, even though it was a repetition I got to learn so much that I did not know about my own country also this program helped me realize how far I have come!!